How to adjust the guidelines for the reverse parking camera

I'm talking about the guidelines here:


The left and right lines are parallel with the cars in this photo from the Mazda website.

However, in my MX-5 ND the lines are not parallel, the horizontal ones correctly indicate the distance though.

This is what my car looks like (the purple lines):


I'm wondering how I can adjust these so that they are correct?
Or is this correct?
I showed the dealer and they are saying it's correct, but I think they are just lazy and don't want to fix it.

It's a hassle because if I align the car according to the guidelines, the car is not parallel to the curb or you would end up in another car!
'18 Mazda CX-5 Akera KG i-Activ AWD 2.5L In Sonic Silver
I believe this type of system doesn't have the ability to adjust the guidelines unlike after market units.

I've checked the manual and makes no mention of the ability to adjust them.

So if something needs to be done then it is possible that the whole rear camera system might need to be calibrated.

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'18 Mazda CX-5 Akera KG i-Activ AWD 2.5L In Sonic Silver
Wow it looks like the angle is off on yours. I just wish they articulated with the steering wheel.
Depends on the country.

Mazda reversing cameras here in Australia (except 360 view monitor) don't articulate where as they do in Europe
i was talking about the random MSM transmissions that would blow up due to improper reassembly after they were "upgraded" for the mazdaspeed duty