How much you paid for your CX-7?


I am shopping for a CX-7 in Seattle area. I would like to see

1) How much did you pay for your car? Like how much under MSRP or invoice.
2) There is a S-plan deal which they said they can give me invoice price. Has anyone got your car with S-plan? Could you still negotiate more after using the S-plan? (glare)
i bought mine for 100 UNDER invoice on a trade in. my trade in was worth 23500...and i got to keep the 20's that will also fit on the CX. they gave me 22500, BUT only charger $190 tax on CX. just know what the exact invoice is on exact CX u want BEFORE u go to dealer. expect to not pay over 500 above invoice. i think anyone here who has paid MSRP or even some above, are nuts!. i've never paid over 750 above invoice on any of the 3 new cars i've bought since late 90's.
S-Plan leasor at invoice. AWD GT W/O Nav $30,660 sticker for right around $25,800, no security deposit and 18,000 miles per year for 2 years. Would have been cheaper if I didn't need so many miles. A 15,000 mile per year 3 year lease was a better payment, BUT I like a new car every two years (I jump around on types of cars when I get bored), so this was a great deal for me!
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$500 under invoice (including tax, tags, and everything else). Mine was the Ford X-Plan but they used the S-Plan since Mazda isn't included in the X-Plan. Did mine with a trade in value of $25,500 then had to pay 1300 bucks and free all weather mats (still haven't arrived).
njcx7 said:
...just know what the exact invoice is on exact CX u want BEFORE u go to dealer. ...
Where is the best place to find that info?

To the OP, I am also in the Seattle area looking for a cx-7 :) Particularly a GT AWD w/bose and wo/nav.


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At Edmunds:
MSRP with Options: $32,050
Invoice: $29,616
What others are paying: $31,693

At CarsDirect:
MSRP with Options: $31,850
Invoice: $29,770
CarsDirect Price: $30,670

What I paid: $29,924
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What I paid is kind of irrelevant because I had a trade-in, but I essentially received $1500 over black book for my trade, and got my CX-7 at $500 above invoice.


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Invoice and blue book on my trade (03 VW Golf TDI), I got a fair deal, not killer, but fair.

Lease, 2 years, 12k per year, ~$270/month.

Oh yeah, base model, no bells + whistles. Galaxy Grey (damn purple), black interior.

It was the color I wanted with power seats and fwd , or the AWD in a crap color. cheaper to boot.
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What I paid: $30322.32

MSRP with Options: $32,025
Invoice: $29,701
What others are paying: $31,542
2007 Mazda CX-7 FWD
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At Edmunds:
MSRP with Options: $28,730
Invoice: $26,777
What others are paying: $28,444

On top of that the Dealer added:
Tinted Windows: $300
Paint Protection Sealent: $1,300

I paid $26,800+ what they paid for the dealership crap ($100 for tinted windows and $200 for that sealent crap) + TTL

Total I Paid: $27,200


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Any updates guys? Looks like everyone is picking it up within a few hundred of invoice.

Has anyone bought on the latest incentive plan? What kind of out of pocket are you guys forking out at the lease signing to get the payment that low?


Got 17 for my trade - 2004 2 dr Accord V6

Sticker on mine was 30,800 - GT AWD w/Bose & Sunroof

Selling price was 28,500 even and bought it
I couldn't believe the financing they offered...2.9% for 48 months and 3.9% for 60 months!! They never even mentioned it at the negociating table...just said at the end of it all...oh, looks like you qualify for the low financing!! Dee-dee-dee.


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9Hooker said:
what are these "plans" you speak of?
Plans that Ford offers their employee's and friends and families of the employees....gotta know someone!