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How much worse can Mazda connect be?

I don't even know where to begin. Takes forever to load. Fights Android auto at times. Searches for Sirius for ages. Says "trying to connect to Bluetooth device". I mean it is completely unstable and making me pissed.

Anyone else feel the same way?
2019 Mazda CX-5 GTR
2019 GTR here. Everything works as advertised, except boot-up takes absolutely forever. I'm a big fan of Waze, so use CarPlay for the vast majority of my driving. I can get a mile down the road before Carplay and Waze are loaded though.

I just load Waze on my phone, set a destination if necessary, then plug it in and go. Eventually it all loads up and works fine from there.
2018 CX9 Sig
Ensure you have the latest firmware installed, that made a difference with my system...Running iOS 13 beta, buggy but significant improvements.

Peace and blessings,

Still using the first version of 70 firmware. Waze appears almost instantly with ios13. No BT paired to the car.

I'm temped to update to the latest firmware, but everything works fine. If it ain't broke dont fix it.
I hate it. Press the call button to make a call in the favorites screen and it tells you the talk function isn't available in that menu. then when you say "call ___" it asks lists all the people with similar sounding names and asks you for a line number. you give it the line number and then it asks you again if you want to call that person. Ridiculous.
16 CX-5 Tour'ngAWD
Have you made your dealer service center aware of the issue?

Have you contacted Mazda North America and filed a complaint?
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