Homelink dashcam tap+ rear dashcam?

Hi guys,

I've been reading through the forum and was wondering if anyone has seen issues with the invisicord tap for the autodimming mirror with regards to a front + rear dashcam.
It seems that some Garmin front dashcams have special power needs, and I was curious if front + rear cameras would prefer to be wired into the fuse box instead since they would presumably need more power than a single front facing camera.

I would prefer not to tap into the fuse box and risk draining the battery/lots of extra wear, nor get the BlackVue battery pack. I want to avoid Li batteries since they will degrade over time, this is why I'll be getting a dashcam with a supercapacitor instead of an internal battery. I'm sure Blackvue is good, but if I park at a sunny trailhead for a week, I don't want any back of the head worries. On another note, has anyone tried using a small battery pack plugged into the invisicord and then plugged into the camera? Basically a small removable blackvue substitute so if I know I'm leaving the car in a sunny hot area for an extended amount of time, I could take the battery out?

Also- according to Hilton's installation video, it appears that routing the rear cable has a shorter path if you go through the vehicle right side. Has anyone tried this side before? If the consensus is that the invisicord tap should be sufficient for dual cameras, I'll probably route to the passenger side since I dont need to pass by the fusebox.
2019 CX-5 GT-PP
As far as I know, if you tap into an accessory slot in the fuse box, you*d be fine. I don*t know whether that makes the whole install easier for you, just that the fuse box doesn*t change the risk of draining the battery.