High Mileage CX-5s - report in

2020 CX-5 GT w/PP
Had a 2015 CX-5 Touring AWD, purchased new, traded in at 112,691 miles.
Attached pdf file is maintenance log with mileage noted.
Other than routine maintenance, battery, tires, and windshield replacement, there were just a few issues:
Rear brake pads changed at 61,461 miles.
Driver-side brake light bulb changed at 72,369 miles.
Lift gate dampers replaced per recall, at 77,648 miles.
Serpentine belt, water pump belt, and belt tensioner replaced at 96381 miles, after serpentine belt shredded while driving on the freeway.
Front & Rear brake pads and rotors all replaced at 105,395 miles, due to warped rotors (car would shudder when braking at speeds > 55mph).


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2014 CX-5, Manual, Black
@merc3065 What kind of maintenance are you doing?
I've stuck with regular service intervals using royal purple oil, regular service to the brakes and caliper slides. I think it's mostly due to the amount of driving I've done and the fact that 90% of my driving is highway speeds (80kph+) for hours at a time, there's little chance for condensation to build up and regular oil changes means lower chance for sludge to form. I've replaced both front wheel bearings, 1 at around 200000 and the other at 300000. Had to have the tires balanced a couple times to fix some vibration when I bought new ones. Alignment to fix steering off center once. I've had to replace the outdoor temp sensor twice. Once under warranty, and another 2 summers ago. Still on stock suspension components and they aren't leaking, rusty or have excessive play either. Had to replace the heater motor since it got really noisy. Replaced battery a couple years back and keep it on a tender. Had the brake and clutch system flushed 4 times over the years, coolant flushed twice so far, plugs changed out once so far. Tune up is this weekend along with new brakes as the ones on there are pretty crusty. Other than that...Grease everything, spray oil on everything, keep all the fluids changed, keep it clean, put touch up on any rock chips, keep it waxed. Should last for another 366000kms if I am lucky. Replacing the steering wheel this weekend with a new to me used leather one to replace the palm worn one on my original.

Next task is to dig into the front dash duct work to clean it inside and out as a mouse decided to move in while it was in storage and made it pretty smelly in there. I caught the freeloader and evicted it permanently after about 3 days and various traps. Thankfully before it could start making a nest and chewing on everything.
Who has the highest mileage on their CX5?

As of January 2021 I have 280,000 km (~174,000 miles) on my 2016 2.5L CX5 GT bought with 176,000 km (~109,000 miles) in April 2019 at a dealer.

Front wheel bearings - used car warranty
Front & rear brake discs & calipers - normal wear & tear
Front headlights - under warranty
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16.5 CX-5 Tour/AWD
2016.5 Touring with 71,000 miles reporting in. So far, the only real issue I have at the moment is the radiator fan/blower motor chirping seemingly caused by the cold temperatures (20 - 40f). Other than that, nothing significant.
Mazda CX-5 AWD Grand Touring
2016.5 GT AWD w/ 99,499 miles. Transmission replaced at 28k under warranty. Nothing major after that. Following regular maintenance intervals.
2017 CX-5 Sport
2017 Sport AWD 94,000 miles. Other than having to replace my battery due to not driving it for 3 weeks and negative temperatures, absolutely no issues.