hey ppl, i just got my pro 5 a week ago...am i the only female????


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see...you're a girl, right? And the guy to girl ratio on here like like 20,000:4, so you'll get a lot of that (humpleg)


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There are a lot of wheel places to buy online from.

I got mine from Wheelmax, but I was not impressed with their service at all. Lots of people have had problems with them, lots of people had decent experiences.

tirerack has a protege5 you can change the color on to match you car, and you can see the wheels and how they would look on your car, too.


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RicesP5 said:
there arnt to many chicks wiht p5's .. i think at one point of time there was but im not shure about now.. i know pixy and clownphish are both the bigger chick posters... check out the all girl thread if you wanna talk some girl stuff.. other then that what you planning on doing first, suspension or engine or interior?
guess i'm chop liver..