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Her name is Daytona

2002 Mazda Protege5 in BRIGHT ASS YELLOW
Just bought my P5 (Daytona) last week. Already changed shift knob and boot, replaced a solenoid, and ripped out the factory stereo for a Android-based head unit. Still have to install front and rear cameras, but the radio itself is Boss as hell. Love the car. been a long time since I've owned a 4-cyl with a stick. Should be fun. I've been running the hell out of it and the mileage is awesome. (other car is an Expedition, soooo yeah) So hello all! I'll be lurkin' in your threads .... lol

Fyi... DILAR = Drive It Like A Rocket
Resurrecting this thread as I just got a New-to-Me P5 after searching for over a year for a manual tranny. Found in Oregon, had it shipped to CA. Just got a Kenwood 2din App DVD player for it...
Pictures soon.... its pretty paint-beat-up!

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