Help with bogging on a FE3 motor. is MAZDA PERFORMANCE!
1987 Mazda B2000 base Short bed
Have a few questions regarding a 1987 Mazda b2000.

I already rebuilt the motor and carburetor.
My main concern is for awhile now I get a bogging when I drive it usually in 4th or 5th gear after it’s at full operator temp. I loose power and it shakes like hell and wants to die. I’ve even had a few issues where it’ll go away for a bit then come back and the motor doesn’t want to crank over usually during very hot days 80 degrees or hotter. Also a fact when the wind picks up hard I notice it wants to start bogging but isn’t too bad but sometimes it does bog hard.

I already diagnosed:
Hydro locking - put a heat shield around the fuel lines to keep it from vaporizing the fuel before it hits the carb.
New plugs and wire set with cap and rotor.
New vacuum lines
New air filter - basic
Exhaust Manifold shattered after the bogging happed one night

Also I haven’t checked:
Reed valves
Fuel sleeve in the carburetor

Side note: No computer truck uses dummy lights

Any thoughts and ideas?
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