2007~2015 HELP PLEASE: Soft riding shocks and struts for CX-9 2015

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HELP PLEASE: Soft riding shocks and struts
Hello everyone

I own a 2015 CX-9 GT AWD in South East Asia, and the roads are not as good as in EU, AU or North America. Sitting in the 2nd and 3rd rows is quite a hard and bumpy ride for my parents and children.

I already replaced the original 20 with 18 + Michelin Latitude HP, and inflate at 30psi, but not much improvement achieved on the comfort level.

I am looking for a aftermarket struts/shocks that are softer/more comfortable for the ride.

Pls help advising me on this as we do not have much choices to try out for Cx-9 here in our region, and I will have to order it online from US/EU.

Thanks everyone for your help!
Kolia Dang
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You would likely need BOTH different springs and shocks, and I'm not sure how much those would help your concern. Likely the best thing for you to do might be to look for a different vehicle. The design of the vehicle ride includes the implementation of the design of many components including shocks/springs/rubber bushings/placement of suspension mounts/type of steel and thickness in various locations/etc. Hard to change the design of the vehicle unfortunately.
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What I observed is the spring rate and shocks are fine. It is the very stiff anti-sway bar which results in the slightly harsh ride, especially when both wheels are on uneven surface. Try hitting a speed bump slightly sideways and you will feel how harsh /stiff the sway bar is...can have all things , penalty of such a lovely handling!

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