Help! I messed up my electrical

So I was mid way through putting in some auxiliary lights in my car that would turn on when the door opened/go off when it is shut, and I accidentally touched the power to the switched ground, which I tapped into from the wiring to the dome light. Now none of it works. The door switches do nothing, the dome light works, but only when switched to ON, not door. The alert in the gauge cluster to tell me a door is open doesn't come on. I tested the switched ground up at the dome light, it is no longer a functioning ground, regardless of door switch position. Checked all the fuses, can't find any that are bad. Obviously this isn't the biggest problem ever, but I'm after some help in whats gone wrong. Did I fry a wire somewhere? Is there a hidden fuse I don't know about? any help is appreciated. It's a 2003 with minimal features, if that matters. crank windows, manual locks, etc.
2x 2001 SP20 323's
Check all the fuses under the bonnet and inside the cabin, if they're all good, pop the door switches out and look at them for any signs of damage, by the sounds of it one of the door switches has blown

Hope its an easy fix! Let us know how you get on


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
If your car has the room light control feature, you may have blown your microprocessor with the short circuit.

The control circuit is built into the instrument cluster and it isn't really fixable other than replacing your cluster.

My P5 has the circuit and if you leave your room light on, it waits 5-10 minutes then dims the light to off. It takes a few seconds to dim to off.

That's all controlled by the microprocessor.