Help! 03 MSP

Mazda Protege MP3&MSP
Hey guys, I am having a few problems with my 2003 MSP that I just purchased. So, the car had the check engine light on. I took care of everything on there which the car was misfiring and other codes came up.

Did the spark plugs, coil packs, the spark plug cables, coolant temp sensor, thermostat, and head gasket. Any how, the car keeps over heating on me after being on for about 30 min. Checked the radiator and it seems to be circulating when taking off the rad cap. It doesn't seem to be leaking any where.

The previous owner changed the smic to a fmic. Some people have told me it could be that bc its blocking air from entering the radiator. Fans are both working. I just can't seem to figure out the problem. Can anyone help me please?