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Hello everyone!


Reflection of Elegance
'20 Blue CX-30
I actually stumbled upon this forum while looking for some info about features on my new CX-30. Saw some people from near where I live and it looks like a cool place, so I thought I'd join. I'm not your typical person who frequents the forums, but I do lurk from time to time.

I have owned a Mercury Milan, Toyota Corolla, and Chevy Cruze in the past. So I never have had the experience of driving a crossover until this week. I can honestly say the ride of the CX-30 is smooth as butter. Fit and finish is beautiful. I feel like I bought a luxury car. I loved the Cruze, but I am looking for something that I feel like will last me a long, long time. I had always wanted to buy a Mazda3, but always wound up getting something else. Bought essentially the "Mazda3 Crossover" which I personally think was a great decision for me.

I hope to be on fairly often. Can't contribute much, but I hope I can learn a few things here.

Avoidin Deer

Zoom Zoom, baby
Central Virginia
2019 CX-5 Reserve
I said Hi elsewhere, but will do it again here.


I agree that Mazdas sure feel and drive out of their league.


Hi @AuraNova

First of all, welcome and thanks for joining up! Your positive feedback means a lot and congratulations on your new CX-30.

We hope you’ll be around often...Our CX-30 section is growing and of course, the more the merrier! 😁

It would be great if you posted an intro thread in the CX-30 forum along with pics 📸(y)

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