Heat soak after installing Gt2871r

2006 Mazdaspeed6
So this install became a nightmare after a few mistakes were made. I rectified all the mistakes I could possible solve minus this one. I have an 06 Speed6 and I recently installed a GT2871r. Prior to this I installed a CP-E top mount intercooler, CP-E high pressure fuel pump, CP-E safe seal injector seals, JBR TIG for the manifold, SURE 3" intake, Corksport catless 3" downpipe to a catless midpipe and magnaflow exhaust, and AWR engine mounts. Cars running on a base tune, pretty reliable up to 20psi. I avoid beating on her though as she's still rocky in the high end.
I was cruising at highway speeds (55-70mph) and noticed that the boost air temps were abnormally high, around 90-108*F. Ambient air was 40*F. I'm wondering whether my MAP sensor, which is still stock, is malfunctioning? Was planning on upgrading anyways as I've read that the stock unit is not accurate enough to correctly monitor the intake charge past 18psi, especially when an aftermarket turbo is in play.
Any thoughts?