Headlight issues

About three(ish) weeks ago my drivers side low beam started acting up. The high beams are dimly on for both sides and the inside high beam indicator is dimly on, the drivers side low beam is very dim. The HID bulbs I had in it were not working at all so I tried switching out all of the HID components. Later I resorted to just putting the regular halogen bulbs back in and now it works but is very dim and nearly useless. Then just today I tried a different dimmer switch on the car and still no beans. Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix my problem?
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Sounds like a loose ground somewhere or corroded connection. I'd check resistance to ground on the ground wire at the headlight connector first and see what that says.

when a ground is either weak (high resistance) or not present, the current back feeds through other circuits trying to find a ground. This can cause all sorts of other things to sort of go haywire
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I had the same issue island I solved mine by doing the Big 3 mod.