Has anyone else had issues with climate control?

2010 Mazda5 Touring
Used the remote to start my car near the end of the shift. I got in the car and the heat wasn't on(I always leave it on in the winter). None of the indicators on climate control knobs were lit. No temp on the display, AC inoperable, as well as the rear blower. Drove home and parked it. Remote stated it a couple of hours later to take my 5 year old to school. Got in the car and everything was working. Very strange. This has never happened before... At least I got to keep my money this time...
2006 Mazda5 Touring
Almost sounds like a circuit breaker tripped. I don't know if there is such a thing on our cars. How many things were left on? I know that the world has moved on from such antiquated beliefs, but my Dad instilled in me a horror of leaving things on in cars when I shut them off.