Has anyone bought a CX-30 yet?

Mazda CX5-GT AWD
The Q3 brand new was actually less than what my mazda dealer wanted for a CX-5 turbo
The Q3s are a smaller vehicle, more in line with the CX-3. Cargo space is minimal. I live near Ottawa, Canada and presently drive a 2018 CX-5 GT with Tech Package. Our daughter and son-in-law have an Audi A3 and I recently tagged along with them to their dealer where I was looking at Q3s and Q5s in the showroom. I'll keep my CX-5 GT over an Audi any day. The adaptive cruise control package included in my CX-5 is a $1200.00 option in the Q3. The HUD feature in my CX-5 is not even available in the Q3 and is part of a mega-buck upgrade in the Q5. To get the same features and interior space as my CX-5, you have to start with Q5 but seems everything is an added cost option.


Reflection of Elegance
'20 Blue CX-30
I came yay close to getting a Q3 (Also a Kia Seltos or Mercedes GLA), but that was when I saw what the CX-30 offered. It felt like the best of all worlds to me.