Has anyone bought a CX-30 yet?

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I have. I may be the first post on here from someone who actually has one. I've been following it on line since about a month after it debuted last year. Replaces my 2014 CX-5, which I love and which we are keeping, but I'm not as enamored with the more boxy new CX-5s.

I got a white Preferred Package trim with the Greige seats and brought it home this past Saturday. I was thinking about the red, but did not think it was as nice in person as on line. And the red paint, with the Geige seats and the blue trim on the dash and center console was a bit much. Still getting used to all the bells and whistles (there are many) compared to my CX-5. It drives nice. Has plenty of headroom (I'm 6'-4"). Its a comfortable narrow seating for me. My wife was in the back seat for the test drive so it's not too bad if the seats are not all the way back. Good dealer experience. I've bought six cars from there in the last seven years, starting with a 2013 CX-5 right after they came out. They (and their two affiliates) are the largest selling Mazda dealer in Maryland. They've probably sold 20 or 30 of these so far but I have yet to see another one on the road.

I'll try to post some more as I rack up the miles.


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lease on the cx-3 will be up in a year, i should be picking one up before then...hopefully the 2021 version will offer 360 camera.
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Thanks everyone for the input. Decided to downsize a wee bit from my CX-5 so suspect the CX-30 might be the vehicle for me. Just the two of us so don’t really need the room. And I also am not a fan of the new look CX-5s
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Same here, although I like the look of the CX-5 and have a '17 model. Our lease is up in May. Most likely going with the CX-30.