GT2871R Turbo Help

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege
I Just finished building/forging my motor on my MSP. I also have a new turbo coming in. I got the Garrett GT2871R. I was wondering if anyone has installed one of these and has any useful information on the install, (pictures, tips, etc...) I have looked for threads and used Google and have not found anything yet. Also after everything I have done I am going to need a tune and if anyone knows of a place in the North Georgia area where they can tune MSP's I would love to know.


2003 MSP #119
Get all new turbine side studs instead of trying to transfer the original ones over. They are all M8-1.25 x 40mm. Get at least Grade 8 SS.

Compressor inlet on the new turbo is 3", so depending on what intake you are currently running you will need to modify that with at least a new coupler.

All of the center section lines will hook up without much tweaking.

Wastegate actuator can be kind of a pain in the ass... do you want to run your stock one or the new one?

Consider re-clocking the compressor outlet downward and re-piping the hot-side if you are running a FMIC.

That's about all I can think of, but it's been 11 years since I did my 28RS so I probably forgot something. I have some pics of my swap posted here:!!!&p=1286793&viewfull=1#post1286793

And here:!!!&p=1287068&viewfull=1#post1287068

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege
I have a brand new wastegate so I will be using that one instead.
Thanks for the info and pictures. I should be getting the turbo this week and this will help a lot.
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iva had the gt2560r, the gt3071r, and now the gtx2871r.
Make sure you size the turbo appropriately for power goals (and also be sure to build the engine accordingly). Turbine size is very important.

The 60mm house is easy to fit.The 71mm compressor housing is big and hardly fits in the stock position. For the gtx i had to grind the housing in order to clear the engine block. The coolant tubes on the block will need some manhandling to get it to fit. Keep an eye on the elbow (by pass hose) Its easy to damage it, would be a good idea to put a new oem one on.

Dont cheap out on the wastegate actuator and get the appropriate one from atp turbo or something. Get a longer bolt for mounting the wastegate so you dont strip the compressor housing. I use: GRT-WGT-008 from atpturbo. positioning is the wastage is a PITA so take your time and get it right. Get new crush washers for the banjo bolts if you want to prevent leaks.

i dont suggest stainless steel hardware, it tends to stretch/creep at high temperature.
I use these and they are probably the best studs i've ever used (better than the arp ss kit ), however they are a one time use, if you disassemble replace them. i always order an extra 10-15 studs:
get nordlock washers and arp nuts(the black ones, not the SS). These you can reuse indefinitely.


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I have a custom modified intake that fits a gt2871 i ran on my car before it blew up let me know if ur interested. I also have a adaptor flange