GT SPEC Customer Service Review

Mazda 3 Sport
Gt Spec: customer service review

Ok to begin I attempted to order a trunk cage for a 04-09 Mazda 3 sedan how ever gt spec told me they had sold their entire Mazda inventory to an infiniti dealer (orange coast Infiniti). So I call Infiniti get to parts and find that one of their parts guys (tony) owns a speed three. We make buddies and I place my order, all is well.
Two weeks later (05/08/12) tony calls me and apologizes because between him and Gt spec there was a miscommunication and he received no sedan cages. No big deal really it was a birthday gift to myself and I was disappointed but I would get over it. Nonetheless I called Gt spec in a last ditch effort to get the cage. Tony had spoken with mark so this is who I asked for, I explain that I ordered a cage through Infiniti and what had happened so he tells me that the sedan cages are out of production and that it would take 10 or more lined up to bring it back. The rest of the conversation went like this.

Me: so there are no other vendors or any way you guys could make me one?
Mark: look man you can keep wasting my time or go **** yourself
Me: there is no need for disrespect...
Me: -___-