GT-R 2019 - Can't drive with only parking lights on?


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2017 CX-5 GT AWD+
So if I successfully turn DRLs off and set lighting switch to parking, all lights except headlights will turn on, including accent LEDs?
Right. Looks far better than the headlight DRLs. You can run parking lights daytime and switch to AUTO at night. If you set the auto lights shutdown to 30 sec (default?) and disable the "lights on alarm" (both in settings), you can leave stalk with the parking lights on when you turn the car off with no nag. Works for me.

And don't worry about succeeding. It's very simple, even if the instructions look ridiculous. You just have to do it fast enough.
2019 CX-5 Sig
Succeeded in turning off DRLs, and running parking lights looks nice. One additional word of caution along the lines of pushing start button twice and keeping foot on brake pedal throughout procedure: instructions say to wait at least 5 seconds after performing procedure before starting motor; it wouldn't work for me until I forced myself to take a 5-second pause (after all that rapid-fire switching and button pressing, I found it hard not to start the car right away :D). Thanks, all!
My former 2016 Mazda6 GT had the accent lightbars active even in the "auto" setting, too bad on the 2nd gen CX5 its disabled when the DRL is turned off and the headlights aren't in use.