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GPS clock issue

Mazda CX-7, 2008
I have a 2008 CX7, turbo with navigation. I recently had a new battery installed. Ive had a couple of batteries replaced in the past. This time, my clock will not reset. The time appears on the dashboard, but its incorrect time. The time will not display on the GPS screen. I go through the usual steps to get to the reset clock buttons, but the time (numbers) will not appear on the screen and the time on the dashboard does not change. Ive tried all the suggested possibilities. I went back to the store that changed the battery as well. They tried contacting Mazda, and told me they got no answers/help from them. We have disconnected the battery, we took navigation CD out, we touched the battery wires (connector) together, all to no avail. Please help, if anyone can. Thanks.
Wait until 11:55. Disconnect battery, check battery water levels (if applicable), check oil, coolant level, brake fluid, wiper fluid and serpentine belt. Reconnect battery. Clock will indicate a much more accurate time.

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