Got hit today :-((((

This morning while driving to school. A girl in a huge Isuzu Trooper decides to change lanes without looking. My door is messed up and there are a few scratches on the bumper. Estimate is almost $2,500. The girl had a temporary drivers licence and dint' have insurance, but i'm suppose to call her to get her insurance number.

After spending 5 hours in the hospital i feel like shit and so does my car.

What should i do???
that sucks.

Did you make sure to tell the hospital you were in a car
accident? Have you called your own car insurance people?
I know AAA will do most of the leg work for you if you call
and give them the information you have.

Make sure to rest and get some muscle relaxors and pain
killers. You'll be out of it for a while but the pain will be
much less.
Yes i told the hospital that i was in a car accident. I'm feeling better but have a fat headache.

I haven' called the insurance company since i don't know the other party's insurance info. Cop sugested to just call my insurance and make them find out all the info.


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Do that.
Once the cop has been involved and given you that recommendation, follow it.


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Why did you go to the hospital? From the heartattack of someone hurting your car or what? Hope your ok and I hope your car gets better soon. Good think it wasnt any worse.

Go egg her Trooper!!!!!
My back was hurting from the shock. I still see images of that huge tropper's tires next to my face braking my mirror...

Hopefully my car will be fixed soon.

$2500!!!! for a door damage..


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Blah, that sucks, hope you feel better quickly. I know what its like getting in a accident, or two.

One thing i'm glad about here, is that everyone has to have insurance.


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F-in' stupid SUV owners! She never saw you until she heard the smash, probably!

---Get Well Soon :)


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Let your insurance company handle it. Give them all the relevant information you have on her, they'll do the legwork.

I got a quote for 2100 for similar damage. Dropping the car off today.
SUV pulling out of a parking lot, tried to run over my passenger door with her front wheel backing and turning.

Gee, I'm glad they invented SUVs to make us all safer.

I will NEVER own one of those. If I have a lot of kids, I'll just stick 'em in a trailer. :)
Today i called my insurance again and bitched at them for not calling me back. Within 5 minutes, my adjuster calls and tells me that he can be at my house in half an hour.l After an hour or so i got the check!!!

Dropping my car to the body shop next week... yay!!!