GI: Mazdaspeed protege laser blue

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03.5 MSP
Like the title says I am gauging interest to see what the offers are like for my car that I am considering selling as whole, so no partouts! The car has a very long list of mods and the reason why I am selling is because it is shooting black smoke out the exhaust and I no longer have time to find out what the issue is since I am busy with buying a house, work, etc. The car would be sold as is. Some mods that are done to it is 3 inch exhaust all the way back, ssafc, custom 3 inch cold air intake, Mam manifold, 505 zoom intake manifold, front mount intercooler, mishimoto radiator, 505zoom adjustable cam gears, air diversion panel, gt2860rs, electronic greddy boost controller, greddy bov, fortune auto Coilovers, etc. As you can see lots of mods and more.

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You can PM me when you have the required picture(s). Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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