General consensus on the white color for the CX5

Sorry guy once you see the CX-5 in metallic gray out in the wild nothing else compares.
That was my first choice! The dark blue was second and black third. A dealer not far from me had gotten in a gray 2019 GTR the day after I bought my white one. It was a swap and the deal fell apart so it became available and its still available. The white is growing on me though. I had spoken to a detailer and he mentioned that white is a great choice since it hides scratches and swirls very well. My dark green (looks black unless its in the sun) CRV has scratches which can easily be seen. Bugs the hell out of me. Freaking shopping carts...
CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
White is generally the easiest color too paint match and touch up.

Metallic gray, like mine, is worse as even though the Mazda paint matches the shade can vary with the light somehow. Plus gray is almost like camouflage on gray pavement at certain times of the day.

I've read a persons satisfaction with their car is more about the interior because that's where they spend their time. Works for me especially with tunes and GPS, etc.


2019 CX5 GTR
Having worked for MDOT for many years and them having many vehicles they somehow found or studied that White seemed to be the safest color. I am on my 3rd White vehicle and couldn't be happier, it doesn't show dust, looks really good when Waxed and really is fairly easily to touch up stone chips etc.. My son in law bought my last all white vehicle and the first thing he noticed was that in general people don't pull out in front of him nearly as much as his silver vehicle.
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One perk of a white car is, If your state allows it, match up the front windows tint to the rear. 35-30% tint. It'll up the masculine factor 10 fold alone, and looks unbeatable on white vehicle

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