General consensus on the white color for the CX5


2019 CX-5 GTR
So drove my new white CX5 to work and was told it looks like a typical woman’s car. I didn’t really have a choice since this was the only GTR at the dealership. So what is the general consensus, is a white CX5 considered feminine? Do many guys drive white CX5’s?
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The CX-5 in white is beautiful! Most of them are driven by men. I suspect the people dissing your color choice are just jealous.
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Sounds like someone’s jealous.I never thought white exterior is feminine.The CX5 wears it well,enjoy your new ride,and take the long way home!
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Perhaps they were commenting on the car rather than the color?

i‘ve driven a White Yukon for many previous years and never had one such comment.
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Nothing is wrong with the was actually my second choice, but the dealer had my first choice on the lot too. So Eternal Blue was what I bought...but I do like the white exterior with the contrasting black pieces. That’ll be a fine looking ride!
I would say a pink Mary K CX-5 might be considered feminine. White is great color especially at night and in the hot weather when it sits in the sun. I wonder if the person sleeps on feminine white sheets or crimson red silk sheets?


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On my 3rd white CX-5 here.

We love the resistance to the summer heat, constant dirt, and paint swirls.
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I was going to make some snarky comment about the person opining about white cars being feminine, but see that you all already covered all those bases. I had a white 2016 CX-5, and was born and consider myself male. Never felt my masculinity compromised by it, but I rarely care what other people think at this point in my life. Now, if you want to argue that white cars often visually flatten out key design elements, I'll gladly join that conversation. ;)
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I have a white 2019 GTR after my previous blue 2016 GT, and don’t think it’s a feminine color. In Florida, white is a pretty popular color because of the heat and sun. I’m not that keen on the Mazda pearlescent white, though. I’d rather have a standard white paint.


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To add an opposite data point, my wife INSISTED her new Volvo HAD to be white. So there's that. ;)