FS-ZE spec



Something interesting to note, I found a web-site that had a little conversion thing taking your current compression ratio and horsepower, and then you could type in a new compression ratio and it would tell you what horsepower you would make.

Anyway, if it was accurate, going from 9.1:1 up to 10.5:1 only added about six (6) horsepower. Keep in mind, this was only changing the compression. Everything else would be the same.

Since there is another topic on here questioning the worthiness of the cams, it leads me to believe that the exhaust manifold is the biggest bottle neck in the system. Which we already sort of knew, but seeing as the compression might only add about six, and the cams might only add another ten, that's only 156 or so...Where the hell is the other 14 horsepower at??
2002 Mazda Protege5
Quick question on ur reply to a post

I just bought a 02 mp5 w what ive been told fs-ze engine. It also has a custom air box, header and Megan exhaust. What kinda HP do u think it has now?
fs-ze is the engine that was used in the MP3 manufactured for the asian market. the engine is supposed to exert 180hp rather than the 140hp engine we have. yeah.