FS: Mazdaspeed Cobb Accessport v2 + AccessTuner Software

Hi All, Happy New Years!

Screen is in good condition (No image burn on the screen)
Not used to daily display sensor parameters. (only upload maps and datalog)
All cables in good condition
All cable ports in good condition
Uninstalled from my car

I have a v2 Cobb Accessport for sale which includes the AccessTuner software that has been licensed to this v2 AP. This means you don't have to pay $150 and to spend 8+ hrs taking the mandatory course in order to download this software.

Picture will be uploaded later today as I am at work -_-

$410 for the Cobb v2 AP + AT Software + shipping.
If no bites by 1/8/2019 I will delete this post and send back to Cobb for trade in.
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