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FS: Mazda OEM Switchblade key and Remote

Mazda5/Lotus Elise/Dino308GT4
my mistake

Looking at the post again he said he had 2, but like I said I sent the $ and still no key and it's been a month now. It might be a scam.


Hard as woodpecker lips
I bought the car with only one remote, so I guess that gives me another problem altogther...excuse me for being "slightly stoopid"(shameless band plug), but what does it mean to program with IDS/PDS? Me thinks that means the stealership will be invovled...right?

Bump for an answer to this question? If you only have one key are you pretty much required to go to the dealer to have a new one programed?
Put my name on it just have to check with my dealership tomorrow to make sure that part # works with my '06.
Paid for this in November never received it. Contacted Chris/FLOODED5 in January and early February and was told another one would be shipped out to me. Now almost a month later still no key. (pissed)

With over 10 years of shipping and receiving hundreds of items between Canada and the US via our respective postal systems I've never had an item allegedly go missing until this one.

Beware if purchasing from this forum member.

If either of these keys show up in my mailbox I will edit this message accordingly, but until them my warning sticks.