FS: Leftover MP3/MSP parts - ALL FREE!


Is it a Mazda or a Subaru
01 MP3 Turbo
Hi folks,

I sold my MP3 last year and I found a box in my garage this last weekend that has a few leftover parts. Rather than toss it in the trash, I figured I'd put it up here for free to someone who may actually use them. Just pay shipping and it's yours.

Price : Free + shipping on all items

1. MP3 cluster bezel - was going to use this to make a double gauge holder
2. Prosport boost gauge solenoid - to the person who bought my boost gauge years ago, I'm very sorry.. I just found this :(

Now a few random bits that aren't worth much but are pretty useful...

3. MSP rear caliper e-brake bushings - to anyone who has tried to rebuild an MSP rear caliper, you've likely found out that there is a needle bearing in the e-brake crevice that is impossible to source a replacement for, so I found these bronzoil bushings and drilled holes in them to accommodate the little piston that goes through it to engage the caliper. I have 4.
4. MSP/MP3 RacingHart center cap bolts - if you're missing bolts to hold your center caps to the wheel, these are it
5. MSP/MP3 RacingHart center cap disks - if you've broken a center cap (which almost everyone has at some point), these little plastic disks will allow you to repair it; just peel off the old plastic, trim this a bit with a dremmel, and superglue it in place; I used this to fix one of mine, it worked great. There is a bunch in here, take them all.
6. ECU pins - I used this to add a pin to the MP3 ECU harness so I could plug in the MSP ECU and not get a CEL due to missing the MP3 not having VTCS. Take them all if they're useful.

PM me if interested in something, but a text to 319-296-5280 is your best bet.



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