FS: 2016.5 17inch OEM Wheels New for your Winter Setup

I am selling "Take Off" from my 2016.5 CX-5. These 17" wheels came off the brand new car with 10 miles on it from the showroom floor. So, they are basically new and 100% Excellent condition with NO scratch and NO damage what so ever.
This is perfect for your winter tire setup!!

Here's the list of detailed information:

1. Mazda OEM 17 inch Wheels (set of 4)
2. Mazda P/N: 9965-61-7070
3. Brand New condition (No damage at all), They came off when the car had 10 miles and the car was showroom display.
4. They fit all CX-5 models and most Mazda vehicles.


PayPal gift or buyer add 3.5% paypal fee for the regular transaction

I will ship the same day and provide you the tracking information right after.


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I see rims only. A wheel is both the tire and rim together AFAIK.