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Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)


lolmsp lolms3
Got time for a quick update. Goal was to set the mbc to 10psi but after numerous tries, I got it to about 9.5psi. The afr's are a little leaner than I'd like in 3rd gear (higher load resulting in more air) but the afr's in 2nd gear are perfect.

2nd gear holds 9.5psi with afr's at 11.4-12.2
3rd gear holds 9.5psi, spikes 12psi with afr's at 11.5-12.6

I also still have to tend to the turbo return line. Reused the original one for now but it's looking tired.

Here's a photo I haven't shared yet.



lolmsp lolms3
Sad times. Pulled off the steedspeed manifold and 2860 for reasons. Reasons being the manifold is leaking at the runners and the 2860 appears to be pushing oil passed the seals at a slow but unacceptable rate. Was hoping it was just a little blowby but oil is evident in my hot pipe and intake pipe. Will probably drop off the manifold to get welded in a couple weeks. For the turbo, most likely will get a new CHRA for it (but it's so damn expensive). Waste all the monies.

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