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Free protege 5 parts

2003.5 P5
Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place ..... I didn't see a protege5 parts for sale forum ....
Anyhoo, I have a stock cat back with like 1000 miles on it ... if anyone wants to pick it up (free) at 90815, please let me know ... also, I have an aem short cai with 130,000 miles on it, still looks good and works fine ... free to the first person who wants to pick it up .... If no one wants to pick it up i will consider shipping .... email me at coholter atraytheon dotcom


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The Diagram Dude
2002 mazda protege 5
I'm sure you can post this in the P5 section, especially since it's free.
2003.5 P5
there's gotta be someone who wants a free +5 or so HP, and that awesome intake sound ? .... I hate to throw a california legal AEM cold air intake away .... Anyone ?