Found an old Mazda 323 for sale really cheap, what should I be wary of?

First of all: hello, I'm new around here.
I'm currently living in Europe and looking for a cheap, but reliable car to buy. I saw a Mazda 323 GLX from 1985 for sale for around 800 Euros. The car seems to be in a good shape on the photos (I still didn't go to see it), and it has only 93,000 kilometers.
It seems too good to be true, so: what should I check or be wary of if I buy the car? Is there any recurrent problem with the model/year? I don't know anything about Mazda cars.
I asked this question around and people told me to come check this forum as the most reliable place to find information.

Link for the owner's photos:
2001 Mazda Protege LX 2.0
I had a 323 hatchback for 12 years. Didnt have any major issues with it, the older and more mileage it got I had to start replacing things like the radiator just because of age and the hot climate I live in. I just did regular maintenance on the car.

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