foglights, harness, side markers, license plate bracket,

2003 Protege 5
You pay shipping

pair of fog lights with no chips or cracks and working when removed $75 SOLD
pair of side markers $12 SOLD
license plate bracket $8
front bumper harness $8

I ship via FedEx for better rates and safety


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2003 Protege 5
I'm willing to offer 50 shipped for the fogs, PM if interested!
It looks like you want me to pay for the shipping and the packing materials. Sorry, it is not worth the trouble for me at that price. If you want to pay shipping, I can accept the $50 offer, though. These are good lights.
Mazda P5
$75 shipped for the fogs would be a great deal. $50 shipped is just trying to rip you off. If you want cheap fogs go on ebay or amazon.

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