Floating / swaying movement when I hit small bump / or pot hole on highway?

When I'm on the highway sometimes my car will feel like it is floating and move sideways just a bit when I cross a seam in the pavement. I'm thinking I may need new struts. I recently was off pavement on dirt roads in Death Valley. Afterwards I noticed an oil leak under the hood on right side of the car, left looking in?

Is there any definitive way to tell if it's the front or back that's causing the problem?

If it is struts can I replace just one and is it possible to buy performance struts that can handle dirt roads again without sacrificing the ride or creating a HARD ride.



2010 Mazda CX-7 Classic Series 2
Struts are usually replaced in pairs, could also be worn suspension bushes...get it up on a lift and check front and rear suspension joints, tie rod ends, sway bar bushes etc.
I've only had mine a few months, so can't be too specific yet, but I'm learning!

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