FleaBay (or Amazon) GPS SD Cards

Has anyone had any luck with purchasing a 2017-2020 Navigation/Maps SD Card for the CX-5 off FleaBay or the all mighty Amazon? I have to say, I am a very leery, most likely these are copied and technically a black market product.

So maybe I answered my own question, I really will not support or feed into the back market industry. https://www.thebalance.com/black-economy-4173517

On the flip side, over 300 bucks for an OEM Mazda NAV SD card is pure highway robbery! I am perfectly happy (sorta) with the current Andriod Auto but it would be nice to have a backup...Thoughts / Comments?



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I bought mine on Amazon for just under $50. It came from JC Whitney, and I do not believe a company of their caliber would deal in black market parts and accessories. The packaging appeared legit and the card works perfectly. YMMV

It's entirely possible Mazda has alternate distribution channels, especially for clearing out back-stock of older versions. Mine is a BHP1-66-EZ1K, which had already been superseded by the BHP1-66-EZ1J card when I purchased it a couple of months ago.
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you will want to read this thread:


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I think they are all original Mazda OEM cards that were unsold dealer inventory that became obsolete when the next generation of map data came out (every 6 months or so). Mine sure looked like it came straight from Mazda.

The thing that gives this away to me is that all the cards available online from anyone with good reviews are a generation or two older than the current one (“L” or “K” instead of “M”), and the current one is only available online for $300+.

Also, most of the sellers seem to sell a lot of similar cards and auto parts.
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While not a CX5 (or mazda), I purchased a nav SD card from Amazon for my 2014 Explorer. I don't remember if it was advertised as genuine Ford.

It worked well for a few weeks and then one day it faulted out and never worked again. I installed my old one and back to normal. I returned it and got my money back, which was good.

I'm sure the non-factory ones are a crap shoot. Some work forever without issue, some never work and some work and then fail.