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My previous car was AWD. The tire shop (STS) said that the new tires should go on the back. However, the dealer said no, for my car the new tires go on the front because the front of the car was heavier and did the steering. The dealer was right. I don't know what Mazda recommends.
Just curious, what was your previous car?

Personally, I'd trust a tire shop's recommendation over a dealer, if no other resources for information are available. Tire shops typically have more experience with tire-related issues than dealer shops, and sometimes the dealers (techs and reps) know less about the cars than the people coming in to buy/service them.


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Hey, no need for an apology. We're just two people with differing opinions who had an open discussion. It's nice to be able to engage in something like that without it degrading into childish name-calling, especially on a platform like this (meaning online forums). (drinks)
No, I got too involved in arguing for the sake of argument as opposed to the clarifying the facts and our opinions. That's never good.

I now agree with you about "new in the rear" being better for preventing loss of traction on a curve in heavy rain [or on sand] when driving too fast. The video demonstrated that, probably with extremely bad tires in the back [which they didn't show us!]. Serviceable tires won't do that easily unless encouraged to do so. I couldn't visualize it because I can't understand anyone driving too fast for conditions like that deliberately. Oversteer can be fun, but only if it's intentional in a safe place.

But if faced with mounting two new tires, I'll still put them on the front. The traction benefits are superior most of the time, and they'll wear faster on the front. And I know how to control my car and drive appropriately for conditions. If the other two have little enough tread to break loose in "normal" driving, they need to be replaced, too.

I vote for the setup that gives the most benefit most of the time as opposed to the setup that will be superior in rare, extreme conditions. Other people will no doubt evaluate the risk/benefit differently. And perhaps run their tires with less tread than I do.

As usual, the answer is neither black or white.


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This video shows why the new tires should be mounted on the front. It is easier to turn, and easier to take off from a dead stop.

I'd argue that the front already has engine on it to aid in grip whereas the rear is lighter for front engine FWD cars which are common-est. When I got a pair of tires on a FWD front engine car. They go to the rear always. for AWD - though they would have to be all 4 new or all 4 within a tolerance. But new pair goes back for FWD.