Fixing Issue: Car won't turn off. It doesn't realize it's in park.

Fixing issue: car won't turn off (radio runs, screen off, shift into park noitce, can't lock car), it doesn't realize it's in park...issue applies to both Mazda6 and CX-5

i have a 2014 mazda 6 itouring, the issue below has been going on for a year now: when i put the car in park, and turn the car off:
-engine shuts off BUT:
-it tells me to put the shifter in park.
-dash board shows the car in park
-display and radio stay on
-can't lock car

temp fix:
-i then have to push the button (without pushing brake pedal = not starting car),
-push the shifter sideways a couple of times and then push the button and the car turns off.
-It now got to the point, where the temp fix was no longer worked

proper fix:
turns out there is a park position sensor...the rubber at the end of the switch becomes too soft and it doesn't push in any the car thinks that its still in a shifted position and it does not turn off. here is a video of what i did to fix the issue:

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