First post with a few questions

Hello! I just purchased my new to me 2015 CX 5 Grand Touring. After reading reviews, it seemed like the best fit for reliability and features for me. I have a few questions:

The key indicator on the dash is red, not flashing, which I assume is either the battery in the FOB or a bad antenna. I plan on changing the battery first, and then testing the antenna on the rear bumper unless anyone else has other suggestions?

The infotainment center won’t let me play my IPhone through USB, but will charge it. Is this possibly in need of a software update? I read some posts that after certain IOS updates the vehicle won’t recognize the device. However the newest post I saw was from 2015.

2016.5 GT AWD
w/Tech & iActive
I recently bought a 2016.5 GT, and had the dealer change the batteries in both fob's when I went back to have CarPlay installed.


'17 CX-5 Select
Yep, check FOB battery. One of the FOB's for my '17 already had a battery that dropped below 2.7v when the button was pressed--no worky. A bit fussier than my Toyota FOBs that worked down to 2.4v or so.


Mazda CX-5 FWD Touring
The USB charging port in the front is only on when the engine is running. The USB port in the center councel is the always hot one. Ed