Firmware update(s) and how to steps

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In the link where the file is hosted, you’ll find a zip file. In that zip file is a PDF with step by step instructions.
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I had mine updated by the dealer recently. I didn't have the confidence to do it myself.
In order for them to do it, they need an "excuse" from you before they do it (for free).
I told a little white lie and told them it was slow to boot up, and that once in a while the rear camera wouldn't kick in (actually happened once two years ago. Good enough for me).
Anyway, the service advisor knew what I was up to, and played along with me.
He just needed something to write on the work order before he could authorize it. It's a game.
Upgrade was done smoothly and easily by an experienced tech.
I subsequently did the nav map update myself. Piece of cake.
I'll do updates again before my three years are up.
2019 CX9 GT AWD
Upgraded Firmware to the .352B. Took only ~25min, followed the attached pdf and everything went as they described. It retained all of my settings.

I do think booting is a bit faster (I had .100 FW before), too early to say if anything else changed.

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