2007~2015 Filled fuel tank, now gas gauge and miles to empty read Zero and check eng lite is on

I filled my 2013 CX9 touring tank and drove 5 miles back home. The next morning on start up, my fuel gauge reads zero and low fuel warning light is on and "Miles to empty' reads zero and the check engine light is on. Car runs fine.

Took it to local repair shop and their diagnostic hand held returned 2 codes. PO463 and P2068. But they don't work on Mazda's

Have never had one issue with this car since I bought it new in 2013, has 62K miles. Any ideas of cost to repair before I take it to the dealer? Is it safe to drive with these codes?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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First, I'd have the codes cleared. Glitches happen, there might be no need to replace anything. If the codes reappear, that indicates a problem that needs to be addressed.

Both codes reference the fuel level sensor. Take it to an independent shop that's familiar with the CX-9, provide those codes and the links, and let them troubleshoot. You don't have to take it to the dealer if you don't want to.

I'm not sure if this is the correct part that may need to be replaced, but I suspect that it is.
If your car is FWD: TD13-60-960 ($45)
If your car is AWD: TD11-60-960 ($60)
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Try driving over a speed bump a bit faster than normal. See if you can shake the sensor's float loose so it starts working again.