Federal vs ulev emissions?

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Biggie T Skinny
So I'm eyeballing the 2nd Gen CX-9. Getting a little hung up on 250hp but torque is great. I live in PA and am concerned about buying a CX-9 in PA with California emissions. Does anyone have any concrete information on any horsepower affects due to California emissions? I.E. Should I buy a federal emissions vehicle from out of state, or do California emissions standards have a negligible affect on horsepower? I'm pretty auto saavy but can't find any info on horsepower losses from California emissions. Both our cars are federal emissions and now that we live in PA, not sure I want to buy a PA vehicle.
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I was under the impression that all the states are using California emission standards but I may be wrong. As far as the power goes the HP is 227 on 87 and 250 on 93. Although here in California with our crappy gas that's like water premium is only 91. I should know something about a tune for the 2.5T in 2 or 3 months.


Biggie T Skinny
No, only a handful of states adopted California emissions and as you can see, the photo of my emissions label indicates my CX-9 is not California compliant. Just not sure how or if that affects power to the wheels.

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