Off Topic Favorite Websites?


Harpy Eagle
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What are some of your favorite or most visited websites?

I use Youtube a lot both on my PC and Samsung 4K TV. Some of my Subscriptions are:

Doug Demuro
NBC Nightly News

I have some searches saved on my favorites bar for Autotrader. I have searches saved for used Lexus RXs (considering one in the future) and late model CX-5s (to check used values), and a few other curiosities.

Almost all of my shopping right now is done through Amazon or eBay. Lately, have been updating my wardrobe through some buys on eBay.
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Car and Driver. Love to dream.

And for same reason, which is the Canadian Multiple Listings Service for real estate. Sort of like Zillow in USA. I get a lot of ads too from Sotheby's real estate Canada, and a couple high end Toronto real estate companies. As long as I get those ads, I know the algorithms aren't perfect yet since they'd then know my bank acct ain't making the cut! I guess I clicked a few times yrs ago and now I'm stuck in a loop of they send more links, I look, more links, look,........

I guess like many, I like looking at top line Audis, but I also like looking at high end homes and cottages. Purely for kicks.

I hit a lot of parent sites, whenever I haven't a clue. So, daily.

We use Amazon Prime and netflix of course, to pass time. Used to have Crave, may go back.

News, I'm more a local guy rather than national network.


Harpy Eagle
2019 CX-5 AWD


MY favorite is Mazdas247.
Same here! 😁

Seriously though I spend most of my time here but when I'm not here, I'm checking email lol and when I'm not doing that I'm researching something related to Mazdas247 and or the Forum system we use, XenForo. When I've got a bit of free time, I like to catch up on some YouTube and occasionally I'll watch something on


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I frequent a couple of forums other than here, such as (who btw, is moving to Xenforo soon) and Tapeheads.
Other than a lot of shopping sites, I am on Twitter and tumblr on occasion.
I do frequent Bandcamp as well to listen to some synthwave.
I love to go to Twisted for some yummy recipes and food news.
Most of my time is on Youtube watching some make-up or cosplay tutorial. Maybe some highlights from a show or sport I watch. I also go on Twitch to watch friends stream, if not already in a game of some sort myself.

Car and Driver. Love to dream.
I'm entertained by the comments section. It's full of Negative Nancys and people complaining about cars that they are never going to buy anyway as well as people complaining about the lack of stick shifts.


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Great thread idea, Chocolate. Gives a bit of insight on the other interests each member might have outside of our vehicles. (y)

In terms of vehicle-related forums, obviously, but I also frequent's Car Chat sub-forum. I joined up there when I bought my 2008 IS250, and it was a great resource for me. Nowadays I visit the Car Chat forum to read about the various vehicles they talk about. Contrary to what you might think, many are quite unbiased in their opinions there. For example, they don't really talk about the RAV4 Prime there as much as I thought they would, but the CX-5 gets brought up fairly often in a lot of SUV/CUV discussions. The members who comment in Car Chat are usually older as well, so the conversation is also a bit more "mature".

I do a lot of my online shopping on, or if it's a low priority item that I don't mind waiting for, I will also shop on sites like aliexpress, banggood, or gearbest. For buying/selling secondhand stuff, I use, or sometimes Facebook Marketplace.

When I'm after lifting or nutrition advice, I'll check out the forums. There is a lot of free information there, but you do have to do a bit of further research sometimes, just to avoid the "broscience".

I'm currently rediscovering my interest in aquariums again, specifically planted aquariums. My first tanks were cichlid tanks, so I used a lot for information. For planted tanks, I like using

I also use Reddit as a secondary resource for anything I'm interested in.

I use YouTube for quick video consumption and entertainment, as well as DIYs and reviews of anything I'm interested in or related to my hobbies. Some of my favourite vehicle-related channels include ChrisFix, ProjectFarm, savagegeese, and Engineering Explained. For lifting, Untamed Strength, Athlean-X, Barbell Medicine. Boxing stuff, OfficeHanchoBoxing, Complex Boxing, Motivedia. Fish and aquarium stuff, The king of DIY, Aquarium Co-Op. There are a lot more, but these channels are just the ones that immediately come to mind.