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Faulty CX-3 Fuel Sending Unit -- unit location?

2016 Mazda CX-3 GT
My daughter has a 2016 CX-3 GT with 30k on it and zero problems. She recently ran over a cinder block which was in the road and now the fuel gauge no longer works correctly (stuck at half-tank). My guess is the Fuel Gauge Sending Unit got damaged somehow.

She took her car to the dealership who said she needs an entire new gas tank. She called insurance and theyre giving her the run-around.

Quick questions:

  1. Where is the fuel sending unit exactly located and accessed (externally or under back seats)?
  2. Do you need to replace the entire gas tank in order to get this working correctly?
  3. Does the fuel pump need to also be replaced?
  4. Does anyone have any photos or experience with this they can share?

I would appreciate any and all help as the dealership is quoting $2,000 and over a week to fix it. Insurance won't even tell her how much they'll pay until the service is completed (which makes zero sense).


2016 Mazda CX-3 GT
Thanks rsvinylgraphics, that's what I was finding as well. I'm now wondering how that unit could have been rendered inoperable from just a hit on the outside of the tank. Is there some kind of connector down under the tank (electrical, etc.) which could have been hit?

We're putting it up on a rank Wednesday to take a look. Does anyone have detailed photos of the underside of their CX-3 which we could reference to make sure nothing is askew or missing?

Thanks again for the help guys!