Factory sub wiring?

Need some help here. I bought an infinity basslink on ebay to replace the lame factory sub in my new p5. I need the pinouts of the factory sub harness so I can wire it to the basslink (except the power line of course). I'm assuming that the stock sub uses speaker level inputs?? Searched the board and could not find anything about the sub wiring, so any help would be appreciated.
Yeah, it came with this cheesy little sub that sits on the spare tire. Midyear refresh standard option or something like that.
I'm currious to find out how well that basslink works and where you are planning on mounting it. I was thinking about getting one but don't know about mounting options as I cannot really afford to lose any room in the hatch.
VPower: I may possibly sell the sub, depends on what it's worth, but you probably won't like it much. It is better than no sub at all, but not by far. You cannot even tell there is a sub at highway speeds. Sounds almost decent sitting still.

tmht: The Basslink sounds great! My wife has an xtent amp pushing a boston 10" sub and the basslink sounds almost as good and hits plenty hard with factory deck.
I have not quite figured out how I'm going to mount it. Maybe on the back seat or in the corner of the hatch.

It took a bit of work, but finally i figured it out. I got the basslink running off of the factory sub harness. Of course I had to wire in a power wire and fuse the battery and ground it.

The factory harness has 8 wires coming out of it which do not correspond to the above diagram. there is +12v power, +12 ACC, +12 remote, Gnd, and 4 wires for audio. The basslink has both speaker-level and preamp inputs. At first I wired the audio coming off of the harness to the speaker-level inputs assuming that the wires were just spliced into the rear speakers. it worked, but I had to turn both gains on the sub all the way up just to hear an bass at all. I was totally unimpressed. I then cut a regular set of rca cables and wired them from the harness to the preamp input. There was less than 1v coming out of the harness so i figured it would not hurt anything. It sounds great, nice loud clean, tight bass. :D Now I have to turn the gains down as the bass is too much! I like it better than the 400w amp and 12" sub I had in my last car.

If anyone is thinking about the basslink, do it! Much cleaner and easier to install than the usual amp and sub. If you don't mind sacrificing a bit of your trunk space it is totally worth the ~$200 they go for on ebay.


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I'm not in need of a "shaking car" subwoofer, just something that could give me a little bit more bass and a nice cleaning look. :D

so, if you do want to sell your oem sub, let me know!!:D


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yo odie, where is the factory sub harness located? I've read that 2003's come with the harness wired and would like to know where yours is located so I know where to look before I tear my car apart.
I'll think about selling the stock unit, Think the wife wants me to keep it (not sure why).

vlad: Look under the cover in the hatch, it should be somewhere around there. Mine was run directly to the spare tire which is where the factory unit is. Not sure where it would be otherwise, but I imagine it would be right around there as there is not a lot of slack on it. If you still can't find it, I'll go check and see where it runs to.


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I then cut a regular set of rca cables and wired them from the harness to the preamp input.
How is that done? Don't you need a line output converter then a patch cord to the pre-amp input? (Read that from Crutchfield :D )

I, too, have that spare tire sub that's not cutting it anymore. I was thinking of installing an amp/sub but that requires me to go into some not-so-familiar territory (i.e electronics install). :eek: Perhaps the Basslink is the way to go for me, noh?

Which wires are the speaker wires?

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Vlad: as per our discussion at the RevItUp, you are already aware that I wanted a car with the factory sub (guaranteeing a relatively recent-build car).

While at Ocean Mazda, I SCROUNGED through non-subbed cards, and could not find a harness (it comes out all the way at the back, on left side, looking into the hatch).

Unless it's tucked away, or dropped into the fender, the pre-sub cars MAY not be wired for it. I hunted through 3 of his 2003's, and could not find a harness if there was no sub.



Hey odie do you know which wires are which in the harness? i am doing the same thing and can;t seem to figure it out. I know they are color coded so maybe you can go by that. Thanks in advance. also, does anyone know where i can get a line converter? i need to go from speaker to rca.
drock27: I'll write down the wiring as soon as I have a chance, but it was pretty self explanatory for me - power, gnd, acc, speakers - and +.

wahine: You need a line out converter if your amp does not have speaker level inputs. like I said earlier, I tried connecting the basslink to the speaker level in and there was just barely any sound coming from the sub. I cut a set of rca cables so that I could wire one end to the factory harness and the other to the rca inputs on the basslink.

will post pics when I can.

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