Factory Bose Amplifier location in 2018 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring?

So finally bout to do my install this week and was reviewing the previous posts again. I see where you mentioned "everything is there"
red is subwoofer +
white is subwoofer -
green is remote 12v
then run power to the battery and ground to chassis ground and you're done.

When you say (sub + and sub -), that's where the speaker wire (- and +) from the LOC tap in right? Then the remote(green) goes with the remote wire from LOC (both going to the remote on the amp). Then just run my power from the LOC to the same power going to amp, and run the ground to chassis. Correct?
Just making sure, my LOC had 4 speaker wire connects, but I guess we only need 2 to get the input signal. I hope I'm understanding this. I hate when I decide to look at this while I'm working on my overnight shift. LOL.