2017~2021 Exploding sunroof...wtf?!

2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD titanium/black 2016 Miata Club ST MT white
Actually “never heard of such problem” has been a standard answer by the dealer for any car problem when you ask about it. :rolleyes:

Yeah, if you want to hear them say "never heard of such a problem" again, just ask them about any issues with the rear brakes...
2014 mazda cx-5 touring FWD
Luckily, I've had good experiences with my dealer and no major or oddball problems. Mainly used them for oil changes/rotations and some accessories. They changed out the drivers side mirror (early CX-5 problem) and the lower control arm bushings when I had complaints and without me having to reference a TSB. They just did it. I was allowed free oil changes for the first year. The factory fill was changed at 2000 miles and got 3 more free changes (4 month schedule at the time) and not a peep about it.
So got the car back almost exactly a week after the incident happened. Looks like they did a real nice job and I was expecting to find pieces of glass when I got it home but after going in with the vacuum I think I only found 1 or 2 pieces in a extremely thorough inspection. I was pretty impressed.