Experience with early 90's Mazda 626 Turbo?

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I have an opportunity to buy a 1991 Mazda 626 Turbo hatchback model. The price is good and the car looks like it's been well taken care of. Only issue the current owner mentioned is that there is a small oil leak in the distributor area. It's nearing 300K on it. I don't know much about these cars. I found an original review of the model that seemed favorable but reviews from actual owners vary greatly. Anyone can advise on whether it's worth the purchase or is it on it's last legs? I don't want to have to invest a lot into the car to keep it going. I don't know what issues these cars are prone to. I can probably pick it up for about $1300 CAD.
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I owned an 89 MX6 GT for 14 years and one of the reasons I sold it was because of engine and transmission oil leaks. The cost to fix some of them was well north of the car's value. That is typical of many older vehicles. Doing the work, yourself would save quite a bit but without a lift, it would be a pain.