Exhaust tips

For anyone interested, the Amazon tips, they are down to $27.99 with an additional 10% off. Place 2 orders to get 10% off each one.
Looking for alternative option.
VXAR Exhaust Tip Stainless Steel for Auto Car Jeep wrangler (Silver 1P) on amazon is $93CAD now.

Is there any cheap option?
What size(diameter) do i need?

I'd love to buy corksport axle back but its too expensive and my wife will hate the loud exhaust lol.
Mazda, GT,
Got mine on Ebay. They are slip on and they stay on. Over two years and they have not moved at all. Only takes like 30 seconds each. Got many complements on them. I believe they were under $50.
Same here from Ebay. Exactly what I wanted.