Excellent Service @ Speedcircuit


Mazdaspeed Protege
I just want to take the time and thank Mr. Dino for his support with my car. He recently
Installed an exhaust manifold and a MSP stock intake manifold which he ported and powder
coated for me.. While working on the motor he had a tremendous amount of issues removing
the seized bolts etc. If you dont have the tools nor the time to do the work this is where you
want to bring your car for service. His knowledge and knowhow with these cars makes it
easier for you to make your decision on which route you want to take with an MSP. His labor cost
and prices on parts are extremely affordable. He will work with you on satisfying the way
you want your car setup. He is not one of these mechanics that take your car tell you to leave and give it
back with no conversation or addition information which is needed after paying for services etc.
The point in all of this is he is well worth bringing your car for installation and purchase for parts.
An addition his garage is near Atlantic City so if you need to go shopping etc. thats a plus!
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